Cheltenham Mutual Aid

Cheltenham Mutual Aid aims to coordinate mutual aid relating to Covid-19 in Cheltenham. It’s imperative that we mobilise to support the most vulnerable and isolated in our communities during the Covid-19 outbreak.

For immediate information and assistance, please visit our Facebook Page, or call us free on 0800 009 6927.

For health advice, visit the NHS Covid-19 page.

Only call 111 if you cannot get help from the above page.

In an emergency, dial 999.

If you need help

If you need help now, please complete the aid request form below.

I want to volunteer help

If you’re willing to offer help, please complete the volunteering form below.

Resources for volunteers

We have compiled some resources for volunteers on Google Drive, including procedures for deliveries, a work-in-progress leaflet, and minutes of any meetings we’ve held.

We recognise that everyone is at risk of being affected by this pandemic, but that a pandemic doesn’t hit everyone equally.

That’s why we want to organise to support the most vulnerable, including the elderly and those with chronic, pre-existing health conditions, during the outbreak.

What we can offer on the grassroots level is support such as errands, distribution, and community/emotional support.

For more information about the principles, assumptions and protocol of mutual aid work during the pandemic, we recommend visiting Queercare.